Battleships with preposition ‘Ag’

The image shows the mascot with chalk in his hand. There is a blackboard behind him with battleships written on it.

Preposition ‘Ag’
ag, leabhar, carr, peann and gaeilge.
Activity: Pair work
Time: 5-10 minutes
Materials: Battleship worksheet (Download the worksheet here)

Hand worksheet to each student. Get them to form pairs. Get students to mark 4 ‘X’ in any random square on the Battleship grid on worksheet and hide from their partner (they could fold top half of worksheet to hide their grid). Paper, rock, scissors to decide who shall ask skit first. Student A asks one item with one preposition, Student B checks their grid and responds if its a hit or miss. If its a hit, the same student gets another go until they miss. The first student to get four hits is the winner.

Q) An bhfuil leabhar aige?

Hit) Tá leabhar aige.

or Miss) Níl leabhar aige.

You can modify the grid or replace the nouns with other items.
You could practice with other prepositions or other skits e.g. daily routine.

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