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Lesson 28: Understand/See

Do you understand?Welcome to another lesson. This lesson continues in our series looking at regular and irregular verbs. In this lesson we’ll look at the regular verb Tuig (to understand) and the irregular verb Feic (to see). You’ll also learn about the possible origins of the American slang ‘Do you dig?’ We hope you find it interesting.

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Lesson 27: An Teaghlach

eiL27Welcome to another lesson. This lesson looks at how to talk about your family members in Irish. You’ll learn how to state the number of people in your family and state the member names. We’ll look at how counting people in Irish is different from English. Check amach é:

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Lesson 26: Conversational Irish

eiL26Welcome to another podcast. This is lesson number 26 and it takes a different form than our normal lessons in that it’s a simple phone conversation in Irish. It aims to teach casual Irish and help improve your listening of the language. The conversation has Antaine inviting Jarlath to a local concert. There’s also the phrase of the week which is very apt when replying to a phone call at an inappropriate time. Check amach é!

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Lesson 25: To Give

Tabhair - Irish word for to giveWelcome to another lesson. This lesson follows in our series of irregular verbs in the past tense. We’ll focus on the verb ‘tabhair’ meaning ‘to give’ and how it is constructed in the past tense. There will be some new vocabulary to fit with the sentences and we will also look at the preposition ‘do’, meaning ‘to/for you’ which goes hand in hand with ‘tabhair’ sentences.

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Lesson 24: New Year Resolutions

Easy Irish ExerciseThe first month of the new year is almost over and with many of your resolutions possibly long forgotten, we have a lesson to help reinvigorate your determination. In this lesson you will learn how to state your resolutions in Irish. You’ll also hear the fire in Antaine’s house that messes with the sound and Jarlath seemingly forgetting his own name from the outset.


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