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Lesson 23: To get & to do Lesson 23We are continuing in our series of looking at lrish verbs. This lesson will look at two more irregular ones: to get and to do/make in the past tense. We’ll practice some associated vocabulary that you can use with these verbs. The phrase of the week is a food themed proverb. Check amach é!


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Lesson 22: Subject & Object Pronouns

EasyIrish's Pronoun graphicWe’re back on the grammar trail once again and are tackling subject and object pronouns. In English and Irish pronouns are words that substitute nouns in sentences e.g. I, you, he, she, we and they are examples of subject pronouns. Me, you, him, it, her, us and them are examples of object pronouns. Plus we have a Halloween themed phrase of the week which sounds scary when you hear Jarlath attempt to pronounce it.

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Lesson 21: A Soldier’s Song (Amhrán na bhFiann)

In this lesson we’re bringing a touch of class with our first ever special guest, Mary Dinning. Mary is a local singer from Castlederg and has kindly agreed to help us in this lesson by using her wonderful vocal talent. With the All-Ireland football and hurling finals this month, Mary will sing the Irish national anthem, A Soldier’s Song, which will help you to join in when it is sung at the ceremonies in Irish.

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Lesson 20: Possessive Adjectives with Verbs

In this lesson we’ll be embracing the grammar once again. Fear not as it builds on from lesson 16 where we looked at how the possessive adjective (my, your, his, her etc.) affects some verbs (doing words such as play, eat, read, walk etc.) in Irish. This lesson attempts to familiarise yourself with the grammar involved and help you think in Irish. We’ll focus on the verb ‘seasamh’ which means ‘to stand’.

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Lesson 19: Survival Irish

This lesson aims to help you survive a conversation in Irish. We’ll look at the key phrases that you’ll need in order to maintain a conversation in Irish. The phrases are aimed to help you get out of a difficult situation when you don’t understand and help you to build confidence in the Irish that you do know.

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