Classroom Activity: Irish Greetings

Topic: Greetings
Irish for Hello, good-bye, thank you, how are you, I’m great/fine/bad.
Activity: Whole class
Time: 5-10 minutes
Materials: Irish Greetings Cards (Download the cut-out sheet here)



A) Dia duit, cad é mar atá tú?
Hello, how are you? 

B) Dia’s Muire duit, tá mé go breá, go raibh maith agat. Agus tú féin?
Hello, I’m fine, thank you. And yourself?

A) Tá mé go breá. Slán go fóill!
I’m fine. Bye for now!

B) Slán!

You can substitute ‘go brea’ with:
Go holc.
Go hiontach.



Students are given 3 cards each at random. The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards. Students wander around the room and meet partners, one at time. They play Paper, Rock, Scissors when they meet to decide who goes first in practising the modal. They act out the modal and the winner of the Paper, Rock, Scissors hands their card over to the loser. Their responses should match whatever cards they have. When a student has no more cards left, they sit down.

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