Irish First names

Have you ever wondered what your name is in Irish? There are many direct translations of our English names into Irish. For example, popular ones are:

Peter…… Peadar


However not all names can be converted into Irish as their origins come from many other different cultures and languages. You would just pronounce them in Irish as you would normally pronounce them in English or whatever origin of the name.

There are also many names of Irish origin that you may not even realise. Some common ones are:

Colleen which comes from the Irish Cailín meaning girl.
Maura which comes from the Irish pronunciation of Máire meaning Mary.
Shaun which comes from the Irish Séan meaning John.
Rory which comes from the Irish Ruadrí meaning red king.

Many traditional Irish names have their roots from Ireland’s long Celtic heritage ranging from secular influences, spiritual and religious influences to outside influences from other languages.

There are many locations on the Internet to research the origins of names. Check out‘s lrish names list for further information about Irish names with their meanings and even help with pronunciation.

Ádh mór!
Good luck! 

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2 comments on “Irish First names
  1. pól ó gallchóbhair says:

    dia duit mo chairde,is mise pól…i have studied a little irish and like to learn more,i have been wondering on the pronounciation of my name maybe you can clarify for me le do thoil..pól is sol,ó gallchóbhair is o wallaher is this right?go raibh maith agat agus ádh mor

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you for the link!I found out that my Irish name is Cristiona (I can’t put the accent on the i’s). I’m very thankful for these podcasts

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