Lesson 16: Possessive Adjectives

In this lesson we will be in the thick of grammar by looking at how to express possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her, our, your(plural) and their). We’ll take a close look at the noun ‘cónaí’ which when used with the possessive adjective in Irish can mean ‘to live’.

NB: Please note the audio mistakenly refers to the ‘Possessive Adjectives’ as  ‘Possessive Pronouns’. It was a mistake at the time of recording and we apologise for the confusion. The difference is that where ‘my’ is the possessive adjective (before the noun), ‘mine’ is the possessive pronoun (after the noun). E.g. My book (adjective), The book is mine (pronoun). Many thanks to Pádraig McNally for letting us know.

Enjoy the lesson!

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5 comments on “Lesson 16: Possessive Adjectives
  1. James King says:

    Thanks for the great lesson! I enjoyed getting into some of the more difficult grammar points. Are there any other grammar books that you’d recommend to compliment your lessons?

    Thanks again,


    • admin says:

      A James, a chara,
      Thank you for getting in touch. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, we have a posting in the pipeline to recommend a few books for all levels of Irish.

      Le meas,

  2. Patrick Mc Nally says:

    As far as I know there are no possessive pronouns in Irish. They are possessive adjectives. The possessive pronoun is expressed by using a prepositional pronoun construction. Mar shampla, “cé leis an leabhar seo?” Who owns this book.? “Is liomsa,”. It is mine.! The word mine is a possessive pronoun in English. It is a tricky subject, I hope this helps. Pádraig

  3. Patrick Mc Nally says:

    Just to make a correction,it should read “Cé leis an leabhar seo?” Is liomsa é. Pádraig

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