Lesson 19: Survival Irish

This lesson aims to help you survive a conversation in Irish. We’ll look at the key phrases that you’ll need in order to maintain a conversation in Irish. The phrases are aimed to help you get out of a difficult situation when you don’t understand and help you to build confidence in the Irish that you do know. You’ll learn how to communicate with other speakers when you are in difficulty, learn to say that you’re a learner and learn some of the all-important manner words.


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Lesson notes:
Ní thuigim
I don’t understand.

I understand.

Abair sin aris, le do thoil.
Please say that again.

Níos moille, le do thoil.
Slowly, please.

Le do thoil / le bhur dtoil.
Please (to one person) / please (to more than one person).

Níl fhios agam.
I don’t know (‘fh’ is silent).

Tá mé ag foghlaim na Gaeilge.
I’m learning Irish.

Gabh mo leithscéal.
Excuse me.

Tá brón orm.
I’m sorry.

Go raibh céad / míle / mile mile maith agat.
100 / 1000 / 1,000,000 / thank you.

Tá go maith.
That’s alright.

Is cuma.
It doesn’t matter.



Phrase of the week:
Is fearr Gaeilge bhriste ná Béarla cliste.
Broken Irish is better than clever English.
(the ‘bh’ sound here takes a ‘v’ sound in English).



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6 comments on “Lesson 19: Survival Irish
  1. Very clear and easy to follow

  2. Monic Ward says:

    Thank You. It makes learning Irish easy.

  3. Doc says:

    Is fear = is a man; is fearr = is better. Is fear Gaeilge is grammatically incorrect. Therefore, Is fearr Gaeilge bhriste ná Béarla cliste.

  4. Phil power says:

    I am at the age of 74 relearning Irish after a lapse of 60 years and I find your podcasts very helpful and I love the laid back style. Go raibh maith agaibh.

  5. George says:

    Love your accent very clear go raibh Maith agat , slan go foill

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