Lesson 20: Possessive Adjectives with Verbs

In this lesson we’ll be embracing the grammar once again. Fear not as it builds on from lesson 16 where we looked at how the possessive adjective (my, your, his, her etc.) affects some verbs (doing words such as play, eat, read, walk etc.) in Irish. This lesson attempts to familiarise yourself with the grammar involved and help you think in Irish. We’ll focus on the verb ‘seasamh’ which means ‘to stand’.

NB: Please note the audio mistakenly refers to the ‘Possessive Adjectives’ as  ’Possessive Pronouns’. It was a mistake at the time of recording and we apologise for the confusion. The difference is that where ‘my’ is the possessive adjective (before the noun), ‘mine’ is the possessive pronoun (after the noun). E.g. My book (adjective), The book is mine (pronoun). Many thanks to Pádraig McNally for letting us know.

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Note: Aspiration is a grammar rule in Irish where you add the letter ‘h’. The pronunciation of the word changes too.

Tá mé i mo sheasamh
I am standing (aspirates with h added).

Tá tú i do sheasamh
You are standing (aspirates with h added).

Tá sé ina sheasamh
He is standing (aspirates with h added).

Tá sí ina seasamh
She is standing (no aspiration for she).

Tá muid inár seasamh
We are standing (no eclipse this time as the verb begins with s).

Tá sibh in bhur seasamh You are standing (no eclipse).

Tá siad ina seasamh They are standing (no eclipse).

A hAthair
Her father



Library (leabhar means book)

An bhfuil tú i do sheasamh ag an doras?
Are you standing at the door?


Phrase of the week
Bhí seasamh fada orm ag an stad bus.
I had a long wait at the bus stop (Hibernian English: long stand).


Other phrases
Le Cuidiú Dé.
With God’s help.


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  1. Thomas Judge says:

    I think your stuff is really good the only problem is when I want to access the sheets I always look at my ipod however it isn’t there. Can you try and put the information for example the english words to the irish words. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Tom, a chara,
      Thank you for getting in touch. We appreciate and are interested in how people use the material and always welcome any suggestions. Forgive me as I’m not 100% on your issue. Currently we put each podcast up as a pdf file, a plain text file for the Mnemosyne vocabulary builder program and have recently put the wording directly on the blog posting too. Do you mean the pdf files don’t appear on the ipod?

  2. Laura says:

    Thanks! Really handy for revising!

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