Lesson 22: Subject & Object Pronouns

EasyIrish's Pronoun graphicWe’re back on the grammar trail once again and are tackling subject and object pronouns. In English and Irish pronouns are words that substitute nouns in sentences e.g. I, you, he, she, we and they are examples of subject pronouns. Me, you, him, it, her, us and them are examples of object pronouns. Plus we have a Halloween themed phrase of the week which sounds scary when you hear Jarlath attempt to pronounce it.


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Target language

Subject Pronouns Object Pronouns
you thú you
he é him/it
she í her
muid/sinn we muid/sinn us
sibh you (plural) sibh you
siad they iad them

1. To hear – Cluin
Q) Ar chuala tú é?
Did you hear it?

+) Chuala mé dé Sathairn é.                            -) Níor chuala mé é.
     I heard it on Saturday.                                   I didn’t hear it.

2. To see – Feic
Q) An bhfaca tú an scannán?
     Did you see the film?

+) Chonaic é.                           -) Ní fhaca é.
     I saw it.                                  I didn’t see it.

an ceol                         the music
an nuacht                     the news
an scéal                        the story/news/bars
ar an raidió                  on the radio
ar an teilifís                 on the television
inné                             yesterday
aréir                             last night
ar maidin                     this morning


Phrase of the Week:
Bíodh Oíche Shamhna iontach agat/agaibh!                 Have a happy Halloween!


Other phrases:
Cuir gaeilge air.                        Put/translate into Irish.


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2 comments on “Lesson 22: Subject & Object Pronouns
  1. Dolores Hendron says:

    listened to this…. And was delighted. I have bought and read many books about learning Irish but none of them gave the pronunciation.. which was useless

  2. Páidí MagReannacháin says:

    I am learning Irish at present and was recommended this site by friends. An excellent site, well put together. It will be part of the learning material. Go raibh maith agat agus slán.

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