Lesson 24: New Year Resolutions

Easy Irish ExerciseThe first month of the new year is almost over and with many of your resolutions possibly long forgotten, we have a lesson to help reinvigorate your determination. In this lesson you will learn how to state your resolutions in Irish. You’ll also hear the fire in Antaine’s house that messes with the sound and Jarlath seemingly forgetting his own name from the outset.


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Target language
Dea-rún na bliana úire 2013
New Year Resolutions for 2013

Intention, resolution, secret, loved one, dear friend
e.g. faoi rún = in confidence, a rún mo chroí = my darling

Dea (prefix)
Good or well e.g. dea-chroi = good hearted

Tá mé chun…    I’m going…

  • níos lú a ithe     to eat less
  • níos lú a ól     drink less
  • méachan a chailliúint     lose weight
  • an Ghaeilge a fhoghlaim     to learn Irish
  • níos mó Gaeilge a labhairt    to speak more Irish
  • bia sláintiúil a ithe     to eat healthy food
  • níos mó aclaíochta a dhéanamh     to do more exercise
  • post buan a fháil     to get a permanent job
  • tacaíocht a thabhairt do ‘Bhliain na Gaeilge 2013’     Support ‘Bliain na Gaeilge 2013’

Rachaidh mé go dtí an tsólann níos minice.
I will go to the leisure centre more often.


Phrase of the Week:
Déan mórán agus can beagán.             Actions speaks louder than words
Go n-éirí a t-adh libh uilig!                  Good luck to you all!


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  1. admin says:

    Tá brón orm mo chairde, there was a wee ‘dearmad cló’ (typo) on the notes at the first line where it stated ‘Dea-rún nab liana úire 2013’ should have been ‘Dea-rún na bliana úire 2013’. Corrected it now. Ádh mór!

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