Lesson 25: To Give

Tabhair - Irish word for to giveWelcome to another EasyIrish.com lesson. This lesson follows in our series of irregular verbs in the past tense. We’ll focus on the verb ‘tabhair’ meaning ‘to give’ and how it is constructed in the past tense. There will be some new vocabulary to fit with the sentences and we will also look at the preposition ‘do’, meaning ‘to/for you’ which goes hand in hand with ‘tabhair’ sentences.


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Target language


Ag tabhairt

Tá mé ag tabhairt úll dearg duit.
I am giving you a red apple.

Past tense:
Ar thug tú?                  Did you give?
Thug mé.                     I did give (I gave)
Níor thug mé.              I did not give

Example 1:
Ar thug Lorcán  an peann duit?
Did Lorcán give the pen to you?

Thug. Thug sé domh é.
Yes. He gave it to me.

Níor thug. Níor thug sé  domh é.
No. He did not give it to me.

Example 2:
Ar thug Máire an t-airgead dúinn?
Did Máire give us the money?

Thug . Thug sí dúinn é.
Yes. She gave it to us.

Níor thug. Níor thug sí dúinn é.
No. She did not give us it.

Click here for the Irish object pronouns such as é.

List of words:
An t-airgead                the money
An t-úll                        the apple
An ubh                        the egg
 An peann                    the pen
An eochair                   the key
An tae                         the tea
An caife                      the coffee
 An teachtaireacht       the message
Na glasraí                    the vegetables (the greens)
An cipín/Na cipíní                 the match/matches
Seoladh                                   address
Uimhir ghutháin                      phone number
An tóitín the cigarette na tóitíní          the cigarettes

Preposition ‘do’:
Dom(h)           to me/for me
Duit                 to you/for you
Dó                   to him/for him
Di                    to her/for her
Dúinn              to us/for us
Daoibh            to you/for you (plural)
Dóibh              to then/for them

Aspirate nouns that follow it e.g. Do Mháire = to/for Máire

Don (singular)
Aspirate nouns that follow it (singular) e.g. Don fhear.= to/for the man.

Do na
to the/for the (plural) e.g. Do na fir.= to/for the men


Phrase of the Week:
Éist do bhéal!
Hold your tongue/Listen to yourself!


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