Lesson 26: Conversational Irish

eiL26Welcome to another EasyIrish.com podcast. This is lesson number 26 and it takes a different form than our normal lessons in that it’s a simple phone conversation in Irish. It aims to teach casual Irish and help improve your listening of the language. The conversation has Antaine inviting Jarlath to a local concert. There’s also the phrase of the week which is very apt when replying to a phone call at an inappropriate time. Check amach é!


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Target language

A: Dia duit, a Iarfhlaith.
Hello Jarlath.

J: Dia is Muire duit a Antaine.
Hello Antaine.

A: Cad é mar atá cúrsaí leat?
How are things with you?

J: Go maith, níl caill ar bith orm, buíochas le Dia.
Good, no complaints, thank God.
Cad é mar atá tú féin?
What about yourself?

A: Tá mé go measartha, mar athrú.
I’m middling, for a change.
Cad é atá tú a dhéanamh anocht?
What are you doing tonight?

J: Rud ar bith, leis an fhírinne a rá. Cén fáth/ Cad
Nothing at all, to tell the truth. Why?

A: Tá cúpla ticéad agam do Cheolchoirm sa
Chultúrlann anocht agus bhí mé ag smaoineamh
go dtiocfadh linn dhul chuige.
I’ve a couple tickets to a concert tonight and I’m
thinking we could go.
Ar mhaith leat dhul? Tá an grúpa sin ar fheabhas.
Would you like to go? They are an excellent

J: Cá bhfuair tú na ticéid sin?
Where did you get the tickets?

A: Fuair mé ó Mháire iad mar níl sí abalta a dhul.
I got them from Máire but she is unable to go.

J: Cá mhéad atá orthu?
How much are they?

A: Tá siad saor in aisce. Thug Máire dom(h) iad.
They are free. Máire gave them to me.

J: Cothrom na féinne do Mháire, maith an bhean.
Fair play to Máire, good woman.

A: An rachaidh tú?
Will you go?

J: Rachaidh cinnte agus beidh cúpla deoch againn
ina dhiaidh i dTeach Uí Mhurchú.
Of course I’ll go and we’ll go for a couple of
drinks after in Murphy’s pub.

A: Beidh oíche mhór againn, cinnte.
It’ll be a great night for sure.

J: Feicfidh mé ar ball.
See you later.

A: Slán go foill.
Bye for now.

J: Slán agus beannacht.
Bye and all the best.


Phrase of the Week:
Ta mé i bponc.
I’m in a fix.


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5 comments on “Lesson 26: Conversational Irish
  1. Green says:

    So “Cá bhfuair…=Where did…” is like a mutation of Cá bhfuil and Fuair. Hm… Am I right?

  2. Deb says:

    Love this site! Go raibh maith agat!!

  3. Monica says:

    This is a great help to me trying to learn irish
    Le des mhein

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