Lesson 27: An Teaghlach

eiL27Welcome to another EasyIrish.com lesson. This lesson looks at how to talk about your family members in Irish. You’ll learn how to state the number of people in your family and state the member names. We’ll look at how counting people in Irish is different from English.

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Target language

Q) Cá mhéad duine atá i do theaghlach?
How many people are in your family?

A) Tá ………. i mo theaghlach.
There are ………. people in my family.

duine amháin    1 person
beirt                 2 people
triúr                  3 people
ceathrar            4 people
cúigear             5 people
seisear              6 people
seachtar           7 people
ochtar               8 people
naonúr              9 people
deichniúr          10 people
aon dhuine dhéag        11 people
dáréag              12 people

Athair              Father
Máthair           Mother
Deartháir        Brother
Deirfiúr           Sister

triúr duine i mo theaghlach.
There are three people in my family.

Tá beirt dheartháir agam.
I have two brothers.

Ta cúigear deirfiúr agam.
I have five sisters.


Phrase of the Week:
Níl aon tinteáin mar do thinteán féin.
There is no place like home.


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2 comments on “Lesson 27: An Teaghlach
  1. Paulin says:

    Heigh Dia duit

    Is mise Paulin. Is as Chosaiv agus is maith liom Gaelige.

    Deanfaidh me mo dhicheall e a fhoglaim

  2. Barbara Capper says:

    Heidi is ainm dom.
    Ta ceathrar i mo chlann.
    Ta Gaeilge an-spoirt.

    Heidi O’Donoghue.

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