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About is a website dedicated to the learning of the Irish language by offering FREE podcasts and information.
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EasyIrish Podcasts

Learn Irish via our free podcasts that includes the mpg3 file and show notes available from the website or iTunes.
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EasyIrish Eye

This feature of the site highlights the weird and wonderful things from the internet associated with all things Irish and not so Irish from time to time.
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Games are a fun way to learn anything and we have published a few to help you test your knowledge on the content you learn from the website.
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Language Study

There are many techniques in tackling language study. This section aims to share tips and tricks to improve your Irish learning.
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From time to time there will be images and so forth that can be freely downloaded from our media section including some fun desktops
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Find out about other resources to help your language learning.
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Keep up to date with the latest news on all things Irish from all over the world.
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This section aims to help Teachers with lesson ideas and games for use in the classroom.
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From time to time we include videos about Irish learning, movies, news reports and some of our own videos.
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Get in touch with our online form or reach us via telephone or post.
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