Yu Ming is ainm dom

This is link that we promised in our Lesson 2 podcast. It’s an Irish short film called ‘Yu Ming is ainm dom’ (My name is Yu Ming). It was made in 2003 and centres on a young Chinese man called Yu Ming. It follows his first ever visit to Ireland and his attempts to communicate with Irish people. It’s links to Youtube. Please enjoy…

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  1. I loved this, although it seemed a little too ‘existential’ and gloomy, even for me at times !

    It is how modern life has become though. I have known Dublin for decades, my Mum is from the city but I often feel a stranger there now. Sometimes I feel an overwhelming sadness and loneliness, just like the lad in the film.

    Cities are very ‘patchy’ now. You can find yourself in an area that is completely void of any real culture or nationality and then stumble into an enclave that is obviously ‘local’ and culturally specific.

    I found it very poignant when the old man realised that the lad was speaking Irish and there was an instant glow between them.

    I hate to get political but – well actually, no, I am going to get political – Irish was squeezed out of the country by raw, imperialist oppression.
    Famine, violence and most of all the ‘Murder Machine’ of the 19th Cent. – The British Imperial ‘Education’ system.

    Don’t panic, I am an Englishman and not a ‘mad Fenian’. I am not advocating a return to the sad, bad old days of the past. I don’t hate anyone.
    It is simply a fact. The Irish Population was devastated in the 1840 s and the Language went into relentless decline.

    I would dearly like to see the Irish Language spoken again by anyone, including Yu Ming or even me (I am trying to learn) who wants to learn it.

    It is basically fun but for some of us, surely we owe it to the past generations to not let this lovely language die out. I certainly feel that this is at least part of my motivation for wanting to learn the language.

    It is not the only one. I am also trying to learn Arabic and Hebrew and I already know quite a bit of Russian. Learning languages is good for the Brain, the Spirit and for the Richness of Global Culture.

    Lets Do It !

  2. Tim, in the USA says:

    I agree, i hope Easy Irish will enable many Irish to re-learn their native language and in a small way re-capture part of what was lost. In my country as well, the Native nations like the Mohawk and the Apache saw their native languages suppressed by the state schools. Hopefully it is not too late for them to preserve and re-capture their languages as many Irish are doing.

  3. Really enjoyed watching this with my Filipino wife – seemed twice as funny. Good film and my wife will share it on facebook – thanks.

  4. Fionn says:

    Funny short film, the only one that I’ve seen that picks fun at our lack of Irish. I remember a few from Gaeilge class at school: ‘Cáca Milis’ with Brendan Gleeson. If you haven’t watched that watch it! It’s very dark, but brilliant. But TG4 have in recent years make good Irish language content and you can pick up Irish and enjoy the storyline as you do so. Even BBC NI have done some themselves. Happy you posted the link, really funny.:D

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